growth hacking

Growth hacking is a method, a strategy, and a mindset to achieve growth in anything. We use rapid experimentation across various channels in order to determine the most effective way to scale and grow a mobile business. Our style remains a tried and tested technique to draw a lot of attention towards your app in the early phase itself.
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What are the advantages of Growth Hacking?


Growth Hacking, if implemented, h1elps rank higher in an app store's search results. This increased visibility helps getting more traffic to the app’s preview page ultimately leading to increased installs.


Knowing what people think about your app helps take steps to ensuring greater user satisfaction. Reputation Management increases your App's Power, ASO Score and boosts conversion rates.


Growth Hacking always helps leverage time on other resources rather than spending it just like that. The idea is to play with the strengths and use the hacks ensuring faster growth.


Growth Hacking helps acquire new customers after understanding what makes your customers install which inturn drive rapid growth to your application with boost in the no. of installs,

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Grow Your Mobile App Rank and Increase Downloads

Growth hacking was born in a need to be careful not to waste money in the wrong channels. Hence, the core mentality was to be more creative with cost-effective strategies and achieve goals. Now, boost your most promising customer acquisition via these channels and drive rapid growth to your application.

Keywords Rank Boost

According to Forrester, 65% of app downloads are achieved through app store searches.. 83% of people are only looking at only top 10 results, when downloading an app. Well, we have some amazing tactics that can push your app to Rank #1 on any keyword you would like. Rank your applications' with any keyword on the top and get a good number of installs organically.

App Store Reputation

Ratings and Reviews on a mobile application in it’s App Preview Page are the primary way for people to choose their most valuable app. We're delivering star ratings and reviews on both App Store and Play Store from your choice of country and this looks super genuine. Now, affect people's decisions to download the app by increasing your apps' Ratings and Reviews.

Burst Campaigns

This is about aggressive media buying in a very short period of time (let’s say 24-48 hours) in order to expose a mobile application in front of a massive audience. Now, create a ‘Burst effect’ and push your app into top charts by promoting it to their user base, through a variety of ad formats.

Viral Contest

We set up referrals and build viral contests within a very short period of time asking them to perform powerful actions including viral shares to spread awareness about your mobile application that ultimately help acquire more installs on your application. It is more like a word of mouth on steroids and can be done for any country over a given period of time.

App Store Localization

Localization is simply the process of adapting your app and its app store listing to appeal to different geographic target markets. Since language plays an important role in establishing a connection, it’s absolutely necessary if you want to take your mobile app or game global. Now, localize your app as per your target audience to boost your app growth and get more installs organically.

A/B Testing

Now, optimize conversion rates, drive installs and successfully retarget users with the help of A/B testing. Test different keywords used in the metadata for ASO, UA campaigns, and other call to action buttons used in landing pages or on any other channel across the web to see the analytics and come to a final conclusion. Just test, test, and test.

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