Mobile Strategy

We are a global app marketing agency, founded in Jaipur, India in 2016. We help apps grow by developing, refining, and applying systematic approaches to solve key growth challenges.
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Stages in Mobile Strategy


The Pre-Launch stage is the awareness stage of a mobile app marketing strategy that occurs before the product is launched. This stage is only meant for building brand awareness and product visibility.


The Engagement stage starts with the user's first interaction with the app and that's in the Store itself and then, it is all about creating a strategy that boasts high-quality communication between the user and the mobile app.


The Consideration stage is all about demonstrating trust signals. For apps, much around this stage is done via Ratings, Reviews, and Social Proofs on the preview page of the Stores.


This is the stage in which users make the decision to take an action. During this stage of the mobile marketing funnel, one needs to make sure that the conversion action should be smooth, flawless, and intuitive.

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Understand the Audience, Plan the User Journey

With Mobile Strategy, solve your toughest mobile challenges by defining your value proposition and target audience and aligning your business with the KPI’s that count. Increase app user engagement by focusing on what works. Save your valuable time and don’t let your competitors take the advantage of your slow rhythm. Let’s master the toughest challenge of all – understanding your audience to increase app user engagement.
But how would we do that? Have a look!

Market Validation

Market Validation is about testing the idea within real market conditions before the development of the product. This process typically takes place early on in the conception stage, before any significant investment has been made in developing the product. hence, it is more about the identification of the target audience and finding out if the idea is worth pursuing or not.

Monetization Strategy

Building a continual revenue stream from a mobile application requires a well-planned strategy that helps to derive revenue from the meaningful value offered to the users. We help you choose a model that makes sense for your mobile application and of course, you.

Soft Launch/ Pre-Launch

The soft launch is the best way to optimize a mobile application or a game for a big/widespread release. It is a limited release of an application, usually on a regional basis, that allows one to see what the initial reaction to their app or game is like. It is a popular tactic to receiving early customer feedback and get ready for a widespread release. Pre-launch is an awareness stage meant for building brand awareness and product visibility.

Launch, Promotion, and KPI Optimisation

From the start, the focus remains the same, i.e, achievement of the KPI. Once the first three stages (Awareness, Engagement, and Consideration) are successfully conducted, we then full-fledged look forward to achieving the KPIs. A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a quantifiable activity used to estimate how a key aspect of the mobile business is operating or how much volume it's receiving. In short, KPIs track whether we are hitting business objectives/business goals or not.

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