ui/ux consultancy

We bring emotions to logic. We map empathy and cognitive science to derive on a product that is not just usable but appealing as well.

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What do we do in UI/UX Consultancy?

Design Audit

Our usability experts visually inspect your mobile app interface for usability issues and look for the areas for improvement. We rate how well application adheres user interface principles to make the findings actionable.

and Validation

Turning gathered insights into prototypes to create the right solutions for the right problem takes practice. We dive into the basics of concept development and design creation.

Execution and

The last step of the consultancy process is implementation. We will use frameworks, sample agendas and toolkits to integrate the new designs into your product and suggest you with the best fit.

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UI/UX Consulting - Let us Analyze and Enhance the UI/UX Design of Your Mobile App

User experience and User Interface design is all about ease and comfort in human-computer interaction. We analyze your targeted audiences’ behavior, develop prototypes to formulate and execute effective UI UX design – with only one single focus, i.e, to take your product’s user experience to the next level and that is what enables you to achieve your business goals.

Expanded User Research

We check on part of creation of user stories and then do an analysis of interactions. Likewise, this stage consists of brainstorming and innovation. We determine what is relevant for the users, examine how to address their needs, test to evaluate the designs, and notice trends to consider the pros and cons of the different techniques used. It helps us keep your product high in demand - always ahead of your competitors.

User Behaviour

The future of UX depends on the behavioural design of the mobile application which comes after understanding behavioural science which provides us with the insights related to human behaviour which are true of all the users. Hence, understanding the user's needs and their behaviour always does the trick to evoke emotions of the target audience and help establish a connection with them.

App Wireframes

This is one of the critical parts of the interaction design process and if often described as the skeleton of the UI. In order to design the visual guide that represents the app layout, we simplify the story in such a way that specifically focuses on prioritization of content, functionalities, and behaviors with the flow between the screens that eventually help you attain your business objective.

User Journey Mapping

Simply, the experiences a user has when interacting with the mobile application. Mapping this user journey with the help of a diagram or an illustration of all the touchpoints through which users come into contact with the mobile application helps make a customer-centric app with an amazing UX design and hence, we attain a design that makes an experience genuinely satisfying for users.

Visual Impression

They say that ‘The first impression is the last impression’. Visual impression signifies an aesthetic and strategic design that should make them like what we show them in the critical moments that can help us prevent them from leaving the mobile application. We improve the overall UX of the product and give life to designs by adding visually appealing elements that evoke emotions.


A prototype is basically the replica of how the end product will look like and hence, this is an experimental process where our design team implements those paper-formed ideas to digital and test the product by creating a usable mockup for initial feedback. Creation of the prototype and it’s experimentation helps in refining and validating the ideas so that we can come up with the right designs at the end of the day.

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